Tom Bachmann

I am a PostDoc in the working group of Fabien Morel at LMU Munich. For more information, you may wish to consult my cv.


Office: B427

Work in preparation

  • Motivic spectral mackey functors
  • Mod 2 Power Operations in Normed Motivic Spectra


  • (with Marc Hoyois) Remarks on étale motivic stable homotopy theory [arxiv]
  • (with Elden Elmanto and Jeremiah Heller) Motivic colimits and extended powers [arxiv]
  • (with Paul Arne Østvær) Topological models for stable motivic invariants of regular number rings [arxiv]
  • (with Hana Jia Kong, Guozhen Wang and Zhouli Xu) The Chow t-structure on motivic spectra [arxiv]
  • (with Adeel A. Khan, Charanya Ravi and Vladimir Sosnilo) Categorical Milnor squares and K-theory of algebraic stacks [arxiv]
  • Cancellation theorem for motivic spaces with finite flat transfers [arxiv]
  • Eta-periodic motivic stable homotopy theory over Dedekind domanis [arxiv]
  • (with Mike Hopkins) Eta-periodic motivic stable homotopy theory over fields [arxiv]
  • The zeroth P^1-stable homotopy sheaf of a motivic space [arxiv]
  • (with Elden Elmanto and Paul Arne Østvær) Stable motivic invariants are eventually étale local [arxiv]
  • (with Kirsten Wickelgren) A^1-Euler classes: six functors formalisms, dualities, integrality and linear subspaces of complete intersections [arxiv]
  • (with Elden Elmanto, Marc Hoyois, Adeel Khan, Vladimir Sosnilo and Maria Yakerson) On the infinite loop spaces of algebraic cobordism and the motivic sphere [arxiv]
  • (with Jeremy Hahn) Nilpotence in normed MGL-modules [arxiv]
  • (with Jean Fasel) On the effectivity of spectra representing motivic cohomology theories [arxiv]



  • Algebraic K-theory from the viewpoint of motivic homotopy theory [pdf]
  • (with Elden Elmanto) Notes on motivic infinite loop space theory [arxiv]
  • A1-invariants in Galois cohomology and a claim of Morel [arxiv]
  • Part III essay: Homological Mirror Symmetry for Elliptic Curves [pdf]


SS 2021: Algebraic Geometry 2, Galois Cohomology

WS 2020/1: Algebraic Geometry 1

Fall 2019: 18.904

Spring 2019: 18.906