Tom Bachmann

I am a professor at the University of Mainz in Germany. For more information, you may wish to consult my cv.


Email: Office: Staudingerweg 9, 4-423



  • (with Robert Burklund) E-infinity coalgebras and p-adic homotopy theory [arxiv]
  • A C_2-equivariant Gabber presentation lemma [arxiv]
  • (with Aravind Asok and Mike Hopkins) On P^1-stabilization in unstable motivic homotopy theory [arxiv]
  • (with Elden Elmanto and Jeremiah Heller) Splitting results for normed motivic spectra [arxiv]
  • (with Elden Elmanto and Jeremiah Heller) Normed motivic spectra and power operations [arxiv]
  • (with Aravind Asok and Mike Hopkins) On the Whitehead theorem for nilpotent motivic spaces [arxiv]
  • Motivic spectral Mackey functors [arxiv]
  • (with Marc Hoyois) Remarks on étale motivic stable homotopy theory [arxiv]
  • (with Elden Elmanto and Jeremiah Heller) Motivic colimits and extended powers [arxiv]
  • (with Mike Hopkins) Eta-periodic motivic stable homotopy theory over fields [arxiv]
  • (with Jeremy Hahn) Nilpotence in normed MGL-modules [arxiv]
  • (with Jean Fasel) On the effectivity of spectra representing motivic cohomology theories [arxiv]


  • (with Kirsten Wickelgren) On quadratically enriched excess and residual intersections [Crelle] [arxiv]
  • (with Elden Elmanto and Paul Arne Østvær) Stable motivic invariants are eventually étale local [JEMS] [arxiv]
  • Motivic stable homotopy theory is strictly commutative at the characteristic [AiM] [arxiv]
  • (with Adeel A. Khan, Charanya Ravi and Vladimir Sosnilo) Categorical Milnor squares and K-theory of algebraic stacks [Selecta] [arxiv]
  • The very effective covers of KO and KGL over Dedekind schemes [JEMS] [arxiv]
  • Eta-periodic motivic stable homotopy theory over Dedekind domanis [Journal of Topology] [arxiv]
  • (with Paul Arne Østvær) Topological models for stable motivic invariants of regular number rings [Forum Math. Sigma] [arxiv]
  • (with Hana Jia Kong, Guozhen Wang and Zhouli Xu) The Chow t-structure on motivic spectra [Annals] [arxiv]
  • Cancellation theorem for motivic spaces with finite flat transfers [Documenta Math.] [arxiv]
  • The zeroth P^1-stable homotopy sheaf of a motivic space [Jussieu] [arxiv]
  • (with Elden Elmanto, Marc Hoyois, Adeel Khan, Vladimir Sosnilo and Maria Yakerson) On the infinite loop spaces of algebraic cobordism and the motivic sphere [epiga] [arxiv]
  • (with Kirsten Wickelgren) A^1-Euler classes: six functors formalisms, dualities, integrality and linear subspaces of complete intersections [Jussieu] [arxiv]
  • (with Elden Elmanto) Voevodsky's slice conjectures via Hilbert schemes [AG] [arxiv]
  • (with Maria Yakerson) Towards conservativity of Gm-stabilization [G&T] [arxiv]
  • Rigidity in etale motivic stable homotopy theory [AGT] [arxiv]
  • Motivic Tambara Functors [Math. Z.] [arxiv]
  • (with Marc Hoyois) Norms in Motivic Homotopy Theory [Asterisque] [arxiv]
  • Affine Grassmannians in A^1-algebraic Topology [Sel. Math.] [pdf] [arxiv]
  • On the Conservativity of the Functor Assigning to a Motivic Spectrum its Motive [Duke] [arxiv]
  • Motivic and Real Etale Stable Homotopy Theory [Compositio] [arxiv]
  • (with Alexander Vishik) Motivic equivalence of affine quadrics [Math. Ann.] [arxiv]
  • Some Remarks on Units in Grothendieck-Witt Rings [Journal of Algebra] [arxiv]
  • The Generalized Slices of Hermitian K-Theory [Journal of Topology] [arxiv]
  • On the Invertibility of Motives of Affine Quadrics [Documenta Math.] [arxiv]


  • Algebraic K-theory from the viewpoint of motivic homotopy theory [pdf]
  • (with Elden Elmanto) Notes on motivic infinite loop space theory [arxiv]
  • A1-invariants in Galois cohomology and a claim of Morel [arxiv]
  • Part III essay: Homological Mirror Symmetry for Elliptic Curves [pdf]



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Bachmann, Tom

Institut für Mathematik
Johannes Gutenberg-Universität
Staudingerweg 9
55128 Mainz



Telefon: +49 6131 39-28755