Tom Bachmann

I am a PostDoc with Haynes Miller in motivic homotopy theory at MIT. I was previously a PostDoc in Essen with Marc Levine, and before that a student of Fabien Morel. For more information, you may wish to consult my cv.


Office: 2-246A

Work in preparation

  • Mod 2 Power Operations in Normed Motivic Spectra
  • Inverting motivic spherical bott elements


  • (with Maria Yakerson) Towards conservativity of Gm-stabilization [arxiv]
  • Rigidity in etale motivic stable homotopy theory [arxiv]
  • Motivic Tambara Functors [arxiv]
  • Affine Grassmannians in A^1-algebraic Topology [arxiv]
  • (with Marc Hoyois) Norms in Motivic Homotopy Theory [arxiv]
  • (with Jean Fasel) On the effectivity of spectra representing motivic cohomology theories [arxiv]



  • A1-invariants in Galois cohomology and a claim of Morel [arxiv]
  • Part III essay: Homological Mirror Symmetry for Elliptic Curves [pdf]